Instructions Online Conference

During the online conference, we will use Zoom for all conference sessions and meetings. For the best conference experience, please download Zoom Client for Meetings onto your laptop or desktop via (note that the Web-browser or App version does not offer all functionalities, e.g., regarding the use of breakout rooms).

Use the Zoom links with your Zoom account to join the meetings about 10 minutes before the start of the session. Click on the link of the corresponding session to go to the corresponding Zoom meeting.

Our recommendation is to turn on your webcam by default to engage more with other participants and to contribute to a more lively conference experience. When presenting or asking questions, we definitely ask you to turn on your webcam. However, during the presentations, we ask only the presenter to turn on the webcam while others turn it off to keep the focus on the presentation itself.

During the presentations, all participants will be muted but can submit questions through the chat. Questions submitted in that form will be asked by the session chair. Besides the questions posed during the presentation in the chat, participants can also use the ‘raise hand’ option provided in zoom and be unmuted by the session chair to start the discussion. When asking a question, please turn on your webcam.