About UNEJ

University of Jember (UNEJ)

Established in 1964, Universitas Jember (University of Jember) is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the metropolis of Jember, East Java.

A Brief History of the University of Jember

The establishment of the University of Jember was spearheaded by three bigwigs: R. Achmad, R. Th. Soengadi, and R. Soerachman. They formed a foundation namely Tawang Alun foundation and established a private university called Tawang Alun University (the pioneer of the University of Jember) in 1964.

On November 9th, 1964, the university name was changed into the State University of Jember, as a branch of the Brawijaya University. In the same year, it was changed again into the University of Jember (UNEJ). At the beginning UNEJ had 5 faculties: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social and Politic, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Economy, and Faculty of Letter.

Nowadays, UNEJ has 6 doctoral programs, 22 master degree programs, 59 undergraduate programs, and 10 diploma programs. They are spread across 15 Faculties and 1 Postgraduate Program.

1.Faculty of Law

2.Faculty of Social and Politics

3.Faculty of Agrivulture

4.Faculty of Economy and Business

5.Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

6.Faculty of Cultural Studies

7.Faculty of Agricultural Technology

8.Faculty of Dentistry

9.Faculty of Mathematics and Science

10.Faculty of Medical

11.Faculty of Engineering

12.Faculty of Public Health

13.Faculty of Pharmacy

14.Faculty of Nursing

15.Faculty of Computer Science